Living in a fairytale

There is something so special and magical about growing up reading, watching and listening to fairy tales. And now Save the Queen has created a collection all about them, allowing you as an adult to relive the fantasies and wear inspired pieces from your favourite childhood stories.

Save the Queen have become well known and sought after for their interesting and inspiring pieces. As everyone always like that something special and different in their wardrobe. Our owner Fiona has pieces from Save the Queen from years ago that are still going strong and haven’t dated, (Now that is what we’re talking about). Elena Fatini the co-founder of Save the Queen said; “The fairy tale reaches places that reason cannot, releasing us from the short haul of logical thought to lead us along the path of the imagination to anywhere at all. Entering the wood with little Red Riding Hood and walking towards the Emerald City with Dorothy, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion of “the Wizard of Oz”

 we can find again our lost ‘identity’ and gain a better grasp of the reality of life. I am dedicating the Story of the new Save The Queen! collection to some of the tales that have enthralled me most. Tales that are still a part of me because, unlike clothes, fairy tales never go out of fashion. Because unlike our frenetic everyday world a fairy tale gives us back the will to dream, and hence to create, blowing the dust off authentic feelings, values and emotions as if off an old manuscript. Because the fairy tale is a challenging invitation to never betray your true self. Only thus, seeing ourselves reflected in our own conscience, will we always be able to see the Swan that is inside each one of us.”

Have a look and see what fairy tales you can see.

Hope you love the collection as much as we do!

And if there is anything you like the look of and want to order with us, just either drop us an email on or call us on 01935 813330. 

WF x